April 14, 2022 General Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Andy Fix at 7:01 PM.

Members present: Andy Fix, Mike Perry and Karisma Rangel, Bill Bott, Bob Neu, Bob Pfeil, Mark Sobczyk, Roger Xiong, Bill and Evie Stocker, Ken and Mary Flanum, Justin Pape, Amber Stempf and Andrew Christensen, Julia Bacon, Jordan Stevens and Jessica Gullerud with Jack, Walter, and Oliver, and Bob Williams.

New Members: None.

Secretary Report:

  • Meeting Minutes for 3/10/22 were approved as submitted

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Treasurer’s Report for March was approved as submitted

Waukesha County Snowmobile Association:

  • The meeting was held Wednesday April 13th at American Legion #399 in Okauchee, Bill and Evie Stocker attended.
    • Harold Butschke (hbarthur@att.net) said the WCSA relocated their groomers and while cleaning out the sheds, he found bearings and other components for our Tucker. We need to coordinate with him to get these items. Bill Stocker spoke with him about trail signs and he said that is usually handled in the fall, but to go ahead and email the list to him.
    • The clubs need to update SNARS for trail removal activities by May 20th. We are up to date.
  • Next WCSA meeting will be May 11, hosted by Lake Country Last Call @ Sunset Grill W278 N2315 Prospect Avenue, Pewaukee, WI. Bill and Evie Stocker plan to attend this meeting.
  • WCSA Youth Bowling is Sunday April 24th at Pioneer Bowl in Richfield. Please RSVP ASAP to Andy Slaby at 262-424-5917 or andy.slaby@gmail.com
  • May 7 – Sussex Sled Bugs are holding a brat fry and bake sale at the Sussex Piggly Wiggly from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM.
  • June 24-26 – Kettle Moraine Days at Eagle Village Park.

Sunshine: None, the trails are closed…


  • Drag ads: Bill Stocker is developing the process to include the dates, pricing, and terms for purchasing drag ads and will present to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Bill Stocker spoke about potential fundraising options for the club to pursue.
    • Class A and B raffle permits – $25 each
    • We want to do a quarterly fundraiser:
      • Winter cook-off should be a scheduled item.
      • We need to create an annual calendar of events for the club to follow to ensure we have the support necessary to complete these events. Trails in, Trails out, cook-off, etc.
      • Bill Stocker recommended we schedule a B.O.D. meeting in May to establish and set the dates for fundraisers. The meeting has been set for 5.12.
    • We ranked 14 out of 18 WCSA clubs for ticket sales. The WCSA raffle tickets return to the club is $190 because we sold 93 tickets for $380 in total sales. The WCSA returns 50% of all ticket sales back to the club. This is a significant opportunity for the club to raise money without any overhead. We should place more emphasis on selling the WCSA raffle tickets. The first-place club, Oconomowoc Throttle Jockeys, Sold 1200 tickets for a $2400+ profit to their club. Considering there were about 4000 unsold tickets, we are leaving money on the table.

Old Business:

  • Call for Officer Nominations and Elections:
  • The general election was held with the following officers and directors being elected by acclamation for the 2022-2023 season:
    • President: Bill Stocker
    • Vice President: Mike Perry
    • Treasurer: Andy Fix
    • Secretary: Evie Stocker
    • Trail Coordinator: Jordan Stevens
    • Director: Bob Williams
    • Director: Ken Flanum
    • Director: Mark Sobczyk
    • Director: Roger Xiong
      • (Since there was only one candidate running uncontested for each position, all candidates were declared elected under unanimous consent.)
    • Fundraising banners: Would like to purchase at least five banners, two for the top of the drag, one for table front, and two for general visibility during fundraisers. We reviewed conceptual artwork and would like to make some changes to include the Sno-Snoops website and Facebook information. We need to revise and approve the artwork then get the cost of the banners. We will discuss this at the BOD meeting in May.
    • A summertime family/landowner appreciation event was suggested for this summer. Suggestions were made for the location and festivities. We will discuss this at the BOD meeting in May.

New Business:

  • Bylaws revisions – Bill Stocker contacted other clubs looking for copies of their bylaws so we can revise ours to match the best practices of the area clubs. We have received a few copies, but many clubs are resistant to share their bylaws. A draft of the proposed by-laws was presented for initial comment. Our bylaws require that the changes shall be distributed to the entire membership prior to approval by a simple majority present at any regular meeting. We will take comments for the Bylaws revisions over the summer and plan to have a vote at the general meeting in September.


  • Jordan Stevens reports that the trails are not open.
  • All trail signs have been removed and SNARS is updated with all hours for this season.

B.O.D. MEETING: A Board of Directors Meeting will be held on May 12, 2022, 7PM at Sol De Mexico to discuss the summer fundraising events, the landowner appreciation event, and to review proposed Bylaw changes.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:53 PM

Next Regular Meeting: September 8, 2022, 7PM, at Sol De Mexico in Mukwonago

Minutes Submitted by: Club Secretary William Stocker.

***TRAILS ARE CLOSED*** Waukesha Trail Hotline: 414-299-0330  ***TRAILS ARE CLOSED***