April 2018 Newsletter

Meeting Minutes                              April 2018

Meeting Minutes from April 12, 2018 held at Sol De Mexico.

The meeting was called to order by President Andy Fix.

Treasurer’s Report: Reports are available at the meetings.  The treasurer’s report was approved.

Secretary Report: Approved as sent.

Waukesha County Snowmobile Association and Groomer Corp: For a copy of the minutes go to www.waukeshasnow.org click on the More tab and then News and e-newsletters. March meeting attended by Andy Fix and Bill Bott.  Snow show/swap meet October 18-20, 2018.  County Raffle Tickets was a successful sales year.  Winners were drawn.   Groomer shares available at $100 each if any club interested.

Fundraising: Waukesha county raffle is over.  Sno-Snoops sold $250.00 total.  Club will receive $125 for selling.  Thanks to all members that helped sell with Bob Williams, Bill Bott and Larry as top 3 sellers.

Groomer drag ad: spaces still available. Call Ken Flanum.  Ken is looking for a place to park the groomer this summer.  Discussion of possible free ad space to business allowing parking for the summer.  Suggestions?

Trails: All trails are out.  Thanks to all who helped and to Ken Flanum for trail prep and snars reports.

New Business:

Discussion of purchase of Waukesha County Groomer Corp shares. It was decided not to buy since we have our own groomer with our own expenses

Elections: President:  Andy Fix

Vice President: Mike Perry

Treasurer: Ken Flanum

Secretary: Bob Williams

Board: Bill Bott



Waukesha County Rep: Open

We still need 1 or 2 more board members.

Rainbow Springs and Lu Lu Master Plan open house was held Monday, April 16th at Park View Middle School.  At this time existing snowmobile trails are still in as they are.  More info to come.

Old Business: None


I hope you have a safe and happy summer. Enjoy the warm weather and don’t forget the fall and winter weather is coming.  I’m sorry for the late newsletter.  I’m recovering from shoulder surgery and doing well.  Enjoy!


Bob Williams

October 14th Club Meeting at Sol De Mexico at 7:00 p.m.