December 2019 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from December 12, 2019 meeting held at Sol de Mexico.
The meeting was called to order by President Andy Fix.

Members Present: Andy Fix, Bob Williams, Ken & Mary Flanum, Kevin Raszeja, Bill & Evie Stocker, Bill Bott, and Jake & Caroline Jagman.

Secretary Report: The November secretary’s report was approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report: Accepted as submitted. Gave $150 Kwik Trip gift cards for the WCSA raffle Christmas party which was last night. $30 Kwik Trip gift cards for landowners all purchased from Lake Beulah Drift Skippers fundraiser.


Waukesha County: The WCSA Christmas party was last night. We are still looking for a rep to attend meetings held once per month. Andy has extra raffle tickets for sale if anyone needs them. You can turn the money and ticket stubs in at Won-A-Go Biking to Andy Fix, bring them to a meeting, or mail them to the PO Box address listed at the top of this form.

Fundraising: We have received payment from 9 out of 24 of the drag spaces and that money was turned into Ken. If you know of anyone interested in a space please let Cheryl know!

Trails: 80-85% is completed. 19 landowner agreements. 12 signed and ready to go. Rest are in progress and hope to have everything done by the end of the year. Greenwald has everything they need and waiting to hear back from them. Kevin working on cleaning up insurance certificates. Thanks so much to Kevin for taking on this new challenge! Great job Kevin!

SNARS entries for trail marking thus far have been entered and submitted to the County.

New Business: New debit card should be coming this week or next week to Ken’s address as the previous one expires this month.

We have 25 current memberships and the 2 schools.

Thank you Cheryl for submitting an article about the 50th party held this summer. It was featured in the December issue of Wisconsin Snowmobile News. It’s on page 29.

Old Business: Landowner gift cards will be sent out this Wednesday.

Food Pantry donations were given $100 each and one thank you card received.

Mike Perry pulled the drag in the Midnight Magic parade. Thank you Mike!

Phantom Lake question from last month. Ken and Bob walked down there and we need to do a little brushing and put a pallet down across the creek. Need to get the landowner agreement before we can brush.

$35 club membership are now due. Club memberships must be renewed before discounted trail passes can be purchased. Trail Passes went on sale as of July 1, 2019.

The next meeting is January 9, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. at Sol de Mexico.