February 2021 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from February 11, 2021 meeting held at Sol de Mexico. The meeting was called to order by President
Andy Fix.

Members Present: Andy Fix, Bob Williams, Ken Flanum, Mike Perry, and Kevin Raszeja, Chad Paris

Secretary Report: Approved as written

Treasurer’s Report: Approved as submitted.

Sunshine: Trails are open!

Old Business: None

New Business: Road Track and Trail offered that we could have a meeting there anytime where they provide
free beer and pizza. They also put all attendees’ names in a drawing for a free helmet! If we as a club are
interested in doing that once, we just need to schedule it with Nick. Maybe have the WCSA meeting there?
Look into having a meeting there next season.

Memberships: We currently have 34 active paid memberships. We’ve come a long way in the last 5 years.
Discussion of changing the day of the week for the meetings from Thursdays for next season.
AWCS mail-in ballot. Andy will send it in.

Waukesha County: Raffle ticket stubs and money can be dropped off at Won-A-Go Biking in Mukwonago or
mail to the PO Box. These must be turned in by March 3rd! Youth Bowling is coming up.

Fundraising: Still need to collect from Napa and Mario’s. We have some spots open for the ones who didn’t

Trails: Signs look great. Tucker is broken down and undergoing repairs. We have 3 people interested in
learning to drive the Groomer. Kevin will text the information to Ken since he’s having email trouble.
The next meeting is March 11, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. at Sol de Mexico.

Respectfully Submitted: Cheryl Frank, Club Secretary

October 14th Club Meeting at Sol De Mexico at 7:00 p.m.