March 10, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Andy Fix at 7 PM.

Members present: Andy Fix, Ken Flanum, Mike Perry, Mark Sobczyk, Amber Stempf and Drew Christensen, Jordan Stevens, William Stocker, Bob Williams, Roger Xiong, Bob Pfeil

New Members: Bob Pfeil has returned to the club after a few years away; Welcome back to the club, Bob!

Secretary Report:

  • Meeting Minutes for 2/10/22 were approved as submitted

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Treasurer’s Report for February was approved as submitted

Waukesha County Snowmobile Association:

  • The meeting was held Wednesday March 9th at the American Legion in Okauchee, Bill Stocker attended.
    • We made a nice basket with donations from Road, Track and Trail and the $50 approved for the basket at the 2/10/22 meeting. Thanks to Evie Stocker for doing the leg work and putting the basket together and to RT&T for their generous donations.
    • All 17 Waukesha County clubs were in attendance for the WCSA Annual meeting Wednesday March 9th; it was a good turnout with all WCSA clubs represented.
    • The WCSA Raffle was over $23,000 in ticket sales ($5,000 in direct payouts). We sold $380 worth of tickets for this raffle.
    • There were over 45 baskets donated to the WCSA for the bucket raffle, with genuinely nice offerings in the baskets. Tickets were sold 35 for $20.
    • Bill Stocker won three of the four meat raffles.
    • Due to the lack of snow and very few grooming hours there will be money left in our trail fund to pay additional maintenance costs. We plan to purchase trail signs and bridge materials. Please get sign and bridge material orders to Harold A.S.A.P.
    • The clubs need to update SNARS for trail removal activities by Sunday May 15th.
    • Next WCSA meeting will be Wednesday April 13th, hosted by the Dousman Snow Troopers at American Legion Post #399 in Okauchee, Bill Stocker plans to attend this meeting.
    • WCSA Youth Bowling is Sunday April 24th at Pioneer Bowl in Richfield. Please RSVP ASAP to Andy Slaby at 262-424-5917 or
    • North Lake Nomads are holding a meat raffle at Overboard at Sam’s Bar and Grill. N49 W34630 East Wisconsin Avenue, Okauchee, Wisconsin on March 12th, from 3-6 PM.
    • North Lake Nomads are holding a meat raffle at North Lake Bear Trap W314 N7770 Hwy 83, North Lake, Wednesday March 23rd, from 3-6 PM.


  • Ken Flanum is recovering well from a hip replacement. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Ken!


  • The Cook-Out was held on Saturday February 19th from 10AM to 4PM at the Mukwonago High School. The bitter cold temperatures hampered the attendance, but we raised money for the club and had an enjoyable time. We will look at making this an annual scheduled event going forward.
  • Drag ads: We need to redefine the drag ad process and revisit our pricing. Bill Stocker will develop the process to include the dates, pricing, and terms for purchasing drag ads and present to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Amber Stempf suggested multiple options for fundraising events throughout the year. Bill Stocker took an action to develop a punch list of potential fundraising options for the club to pursue. More to follow…

Old Business:

  • AWSC: The Annual convention is the weekend of March 25-27 in Green Bay, but we did not have anyone offer to attend. The voting delegate form was submitted via email, and we selected Karen Jeras from the WCSA as our representative. The AWSC has validated the receipt of our voting delegate form.

New Business:

  • Call for Officer Nominations:
  • The following members were nominated for the club officer and director positions:
    • President: Bill Stocker – Accepted
    • Vice President: Mike Perry (Incumbent) – Accepted
    • Treasurer: Andy Fix – Accepted
    • Secretary: Evie Stocker – Not present, but acceptance confirmed prior to meeting.
    • Trail Coordinator: Jordan Stevens (Incumbent) – Accepted
    • Director: Bob Williams – Accepted
    • Director: Ken Flanum (Incumbent) – Accepted
    • Director: Bill Bott (Incumbent) – Not present, pending confirmation of acceptance.
    • Director: Kevin Raszeja (Incumbent) – Not present, pending confirmation of acceptance.
    • Director – Mark Sobczyk – Accepted
    • Director – Roger Xiong – Accepted
    • The election of officers will be held during the April Meeting
  • We would like to get large banners with the club’s name and logo to identify that we are holding a fundraising event. Drew Christensen will develop the artwork and Amber Stempf will work with Exciting Events to identify the cost of the banners. More to follow…
  • A summertime family/landowner appreciation event was suggested for this summer. Suggestions were made for the location and festivities. We will carry this item on “old business” until plans are solidified.


  • Trail Coordinator Jordan Stevens reported that the trails are “Still closed.”
  • Roger Xiong and Chad Paris pulled most of the trail markers from the High School. Thank you for helping the club! There are posts that are frozen in the ground and still require extraction. This Sunday they will try again and see if the ground has softened enough to get the posts out.
  • We are targeting Saturday March 26th as the final date for Trail Removal. We will start breaking down the trails on the weekends as much as we can. Watch our Facebook page for more up to date information.
    • Make sure everyone documents their working hours removing trails for SNARS. Text or call 219-689-4129, email, or post on FB and Bill Stocker will get the hours entered in SNARS.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:52pm

Next Meeting: April 14, 2022, at Sol De Mexico

Minutes Submitted by: Club Secretary William Stocker.

***TRAILS ARE CLOSED AS OF 6AM 2/4/2023*** Waukesha Trail Hotline: 414-299-0330  ***TRAILS ARE CLOSED AS OF 6AM 2/4/2023***