March 2020 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from March 12, 2020 meeting held at Sol de Mexico. The meeting was called to order by President Andy Fix.

Members Present: Andy Fix, Ken Flanum, Bill Bott, Mike Perry, Bob Williams
Secretary Report: Approved as written.
Treasurer’s Report: Accepted as submitted.


Waukesha County: SNARS entries are all up to date. Please get your raffle tickets turned in. If anyone needs extras, Andy has them at the bike shop. Could anybody volunteer to be a rep and attend the Waukesha County Alliance Meetings?

Fundraising: There are 24 spaces on the drag billboard. Three (3) spaces are free ads (Signs & Lines, Dewey and Sol De Mexico). Four (4) spaces not renewed (Bartle Jewelers, Miller Pharmacy, Amato and Main Street Liquor). Andy made a motion to put Brookwood on the drag as a free ad for allowing us to park it there. Motion was seconded. If you know of anyone interested in a space please let Cheryl know! New ads are $140, then the yearly renewal rate is $125. A photo of the drag is on the Facebook page.

Trails: Andy got a call regarding a complaint from Mukwonago police department about the trails by the high school regarding high speeds and noise.

New Business: None
Old Business: None

*Nominations: Andy Fix nominated for President
Mike Perry nominated for Vice President
Ken Flanum nominated for Treasurer
Cheryl Frank nominated for Secretary
Bob Williams, Kevin Raszeja and Bill Bott nominated for Board of Directors

*If anyone would like to run for an office in the club, we are open to new people taking the positions. Election meeting is next month. If you are interested in running, please let me or Andy Fix know.

The next meeting is April 9, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. at Sol de Mexico.

Respectfully Submitted,
Cheryl Frank