March 2021 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from March 11, 2021 meeting held at Sol de Mexico. The meeting was called to order by President Andy Fix.

Members Present: Andy Fix, Bill Bott, Bob Williams, Ken Flanum, Mike Perry, Kevin Raszeja, Cheryl Frank and Chuck Geszvain

Secretary Report: Approved as written

Treasurer’s Report: Approved as submitted.


Old Business: Discussion of having our first meeting in September at Road Track and Trail. Cheryl will check with Nick to see if that date is available. Discussed again about changing the day of the week meetings are held. What would make you want to come to a meeting? Location? Date and time? Please give your feedback at

New Business: Nominations for officers. We need one more board member since our membership has increased. Please consider a position in the club. We will accept nominations and will vote next meeting.

President: Andy Fix or YOU
Vice President: Mike Perry or YOU
Treasurer: Bob Williams or YOU
Secretary: Cheryl Frank or YOU
Board: Bill Bott, Kevin Raszeja and YOU

Waukesha County: We need a county rep. Would you consider going to one meeting per season? All tickets were turned in. We will be getting $170 back from ticket sales.

Fundraising: Collected from Marios. Napa has sold to corporate but said they would honor payment.

Trails: Tucker needs a lot of work. Ken to get an estimate on repair costs and then we will discuss at the next meeting how to proceed. Kevin to send email out to those who helped put the trail in and looking to get everything pulled by April 10, 2021, Thank you so much for all your help!

The next meeting is April 8, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. at Sol de Mexico.
Come at 6:30 and have dinner with us!

Respectfully Submitted: Cheryl Frank, Club Secretary

October 14th Club Meeting at Sol De Mexico at 7:00 p.m.